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Jenny Major

Dancer, choreographer

and teacher

Jenny Headshot.jpg


Copenhagen-based dancer/teacher/choreographer with more

than 20 years of experience in all three fields. Communication,

generosity, strength and expansion of body and mind are the

key elements in her work.


Started theatre dance studio/ performance space Sceneindgangen (Stage entrance) in 2004. The studio houses classes in ballet, modern, contemporary, contact, jazz, tap, aerial acrobatics, stretch & placement. Jenny has developed the stretch & placement classes to investigate body/mind-centred development along with her own modern/contemporary style that emphasizes movement and shape, flow, creativity and discipline. Sceneindgangen has housed more than 40 performances through the years – works in progress, musicals, modern performances and student performances.

The studio is currently changing its name to ArtReach Dance Community as the focus is going more towards outreach projects, using the art form of dance to support freedom of expression.

As a choreographer, Jenny has always enjoyed exploring new fields outside her comfort zone and has therefore worked in a wide range of directions. Over the last 5 years, she has specialized in working with independent musicians and with site-specific projects.

Also, as a performer, she has worked in wide spectra of directions, but the work with independent musicians on small stages and other artists in challenging spaces has been the primary focus of later years, as well as community dance that reaches towards parts of the community that might not easily get in touch with artistic dance.


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