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Jenny Major

Dancer, choreographer

and teacher



The main focus point in my work is finding freedom within boundaries; to seek freedom inside a fixed form. The form itself, whether it might be physical, technical or spacial sets the frame of the class/research and from there we explore how to push the boundaries without losing the frame.

In class, both technical and physical aspects are explored as well as personal expansion within both technique and expression. Floorwork, wheight shift, breath and flow are supported by more traditional techniques to achieve both grounding, strength and fluidity. All practise/research has its deepest foundation in breath and connection of energy. To work together to communicate and share are both the ultimate goal and means to reach the goal.

Work description

My work is versatile with a strong base in various modern/contemporary techniques, jazz dance and improvisation. My choreographic work spans contemporary pieces, musicals, music videos and colleborations with other art forms. A lot of the choreographic work has been sight specific; exploring sights as museums, art galleries, churches and outdoor spaces.


Over the past ten years my work has been presented at arenas such as The Danish Artitechtural Center, The Danish National Museum, The Monestary Garden, The Academic Garden, Østerbro Library of Copenhagen, St. Alban´s Church and DR-byen.


Collaboration between dance style and art forms are key tools in my development as well as work focusing on social development and social justice.

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